Digital Identity and Scholarship course starts





Ran first session of a new course Digital Identity and Scholarship with Prof Martin Oliver today.

The aim of this blended course is to develop participants’ understanding of digital identities, how these form part of digital scholarship, and for them to decide on and pursue their own strategy for working with this. The course format is a half-day introductory sessions, a series of online activities and a final half-day review session.

By completing the course participants will have an opportunity to

  1. understand issues in the creation and maintenance of digital identities
  2. understand the links between digital identities and scholarship
  3. find out what forms of digital identity work are most relevant to their discipline
  4. learn to use one or more technologies to build their digital identity (e.g. Twitter)
  5. plan how to develop this over time

The course will also address relevant issues including ethics, licensing, copyright, consent, anonymity/privacy and job searching online.




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