Dr Clive Young is an Edinburgh-born educational technologist specialising in learning design. He is currently the Head of Programme Development at University College London and taught as an Associate Lecturer at the Open University for a decade. He has directed a wide range of institutional, national and international projects exploring the potential and practicalities of technological and organisational change. Clive’s professional interests are institutional change models, media pedagogy and learning design. He has spoken regularly at UK and European conferences and events and was an expert external evaluator for the European Commission.

Clive co-developed the popular ABC learning design method, now used in many universities and colleges worldwide.


For over 25 years Clive has been fascinated by the fate of the Scots language he learned as a bairn in East Central Scotland. He created one of the first websites dedicated to Scots in 1996, coining the word wabsteid on the way. While studying language and linguistics at the Open University he began work on scotslanguage.info, a searchable archive of Scots news from the press and social media since 2012. He has written The Scots Learners’ Grammar, a brief overview of the main features of Scots syntax and 550 Scots phrases ye jist canna dae wi’oot. He is a regular contributor to the Scots Language Forum on Facebook, one of the largest Scots language social media groupings.

His book Unlocking Scots, about the history, politics and sociolinguistics of the language, is currently in press from Luath and is due out later in 2023

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